Have you ever thought of your body this way?

Your eyes can always be open but you shut them sometimes at will, I think this means you should choose what to see. Your nose is made open so that you can breathe and live. Your ears are made open so that you can listen and live, just like the nose which you can’t shut for too long without the hands. Never say ‘I’m tired of hearing this’ instead choose what you listen to because you must always hear as long as you are not deaf. Your shadow is a replica of yourself, so untrustworthy! It shows up when you are brightened up and disappears when it is dark, it can never make a good friend. Your mouth is always shut, only opening when you decide. It was made that way because it has the ability to suprise you positively or negatively. But I found the heart to be a very good and obedient servant, always taking in whatsoever it is given- SirVic. This is not just another article!