Serious Jokes

Most ladies smile and feel good when they are flattered, most times when a guy says this he means that.

When he says you are the only sugar in his tea, be careful as tea is taken with bread, biscuits etc. He may need more than you to be satisfied.

When he says you are the only skeleton in his cupboard, be careful because he might be a very secretive type. He might mean he is hiding you away from his other GFs.

When he says you are the only flower in his cupboard, hmm be careful as one flower plant produces no just one flower but more. That could mean he will not cross the bounds but keep to your friends only.

When he says you make him feel like a man, he may simply be saying you remind of his fears as a man. You know the saying ‘to be a man is not a days job’.

He says you are my everything and you forget that there are also things that make people cry?

When he says you are his heart, he must simply be afraid of a break up.

Just a serious joke peeps!