The world’s known youngest entertainer might be from Nigeria!

Less than two years that he won the Kids Got Talent show captivating the hearts of many, the six-year-old has performed in numerous shows and has been adjudged as the youngest entertainer not only in Nigeria but in Africa with lots of awards to show for it. Now, the new kid on the block, Ozzy Bosco is set to make the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest musician.

At a tender age, he is already dazzling his world with a good singing ability and great dance steps making people to draw comparisons between him and the late entertainer of all times Michael Jackson who also started as a child star. Within the space of eighteen months, the energetic youngster, Ozzy Bosco has already won twelve awards including the youngest musician of the year at City People Entertainment Awards. Ozzy Bosco is already the youngest African superstar. He has already released three singles so far, one named Tinini featuring Olamide. 
Born on January 3, 2007 as Oziomachukwu Favour Mojekwu and in Basic 1 Class of a prestigious school in Lagos, Ozzy started displaying his love for dancing when he was barely three months according to his mum, Mrs Nonye Mojekwu.  
She says, “He’s been singing since less than two years now. He won the Kids Got Talent Competition, the best entertainer trophy in November, 2011. That was actually his first showcase at MUSON Centre and that brought him into limelight. Seeing what happened there, he’s never been exposed before. He took the place by storm beating a lot of expatriate children. It was a full hall. The competition was for kids between the ages of four and fifteen, he was just four year old and he mesmerised all those who were in the competition. So that’s when we decided that we cannot allow all these talents to be wasting. It’s not common in this part of the world for parents and guardian to support their young ones, they always try to kill their talent with the saying, ‘go and read your books’. Ozzy Bosco is the class captain in a very highly competitive school and he is topping the class. The brain is electric and it’s proven that having a recreational or hobby, something like this helps the academic sense.”

The young lad, with his amazing stagecraft, has been able to dazzle many who have attended shows where he performed. Even entertainers like Terry J, Tiwa Savage were baffled at his showmanship as Ozzy Bosco loves to entertain people. Asked to introduce himself, he says proudly, “My stage name is Ozzy Bosco, the Wonderkid. I’m in year one, Beryl, the class of smart e-learning kids. I am six years old. As the youngest superstar in Africa, it makes me feel happy”.
Ozzy has performed in not less than 91 shows and events including Vice Admiral Akin Aduwo’s 75th birthday. “Mrs Obasanjo was there, Ooni of Ife was there, Oladipo Diya was there and so many Governors and Ozzy Bosco was the only artiste that entertained them there just like the Imo State Governor’s daughter’s wedding. When he finished, the governor, Rochas Okorocha lifted him high on his shoulder and they both made a sign. At Ovation Red Carol event last December, after thrilling the crowd, Governor Amaechi of Rivers State and former Senator, Florence Ita-Giwa just went to him and grabbed him. They were amazed about what they saw.       
“So far he has been given 12 awards in eighteen months. You can see some of them pasted on these walls; City People Youngest Entertainer Award, CAMA Award, Dynamix Int’l Award, Bold Step Award and so many others. And he’s been in 91 serious stage performances in 18 months; for the Governor of Imo State’s daughter’s wedding, for the ICAN Awards, for Dynamix Awards, for Zenith Bank Children party. He’s busy almost every weekend and he has been performing for free, we ‘re still showcasing him, he’s not gotten to the point that he’ll make money from this if that is what you’re about to ask. He’s showcasing the talent for the world to first of all see that an African child can do this much. This is a position reserved for International children like Michael Jackson, Justin Beiber and so on. Believe me, African children are equally talented, if you see some of those young dancers that danced for him at an event, don’t they mesmerize you? They‘ve got talent but they don’t have encouragement because they’re kids they can’t speak for themselves.”
But won’t such a talent be distracted from his studies? Mrs Mojekwu, Ozzy Bosco’s mother who hails from Nnewi, Anambra State responded: “If he is distracted, it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of their mentor. This boy is doing entertainment and he has a full time teacher at home, he waits on him to come and takes him through his studies. It depends on the parent, if you channel him into any form of entertainment, it can even be football or any thing and you don’t lay any emphasis on education, he will go down. Whatever you give the brain of the child, a child embraces it. We make sure we carry the two very well. I mean for you to be the class captain in a very big competitive school, it’s not an easy thing. We even post his recent school results on the internet for people to see his scores. Like in fifteen subjects, he normally has 13 Excellent and 2 Very good grades. So we put it there for everybody to see what the boy is doing and also school awards which we do periodically. His brother and sister also the dancers and we carry them all along. His sister normally introduces him on stage and the two of them enjoy this. Parents should also know this, if you find a star in your house, don’t make the others feel that they are irrelevant, you must find a way to carry them along so that they will feel good for that child, otherwise, there will be jealousy. All of them here are so happy with Ozzy Bosco because they do things together.

His future;
His management has tagged him as the next child star. A cartoon, Ozzy and Friends has been made on him and it will hit airwaves on selected stations soon. The rising profile of Ozzy Bosco is beginning to yield dividend as he has been made a brand ambassador of Tigo Milk.            
 The kid is the next Michael Jackson of this world, there is no doubt about that. Anybody who has seen him perform will know that he’s heading toward that stage but it’s all in God’s hand where he puts him into.
 “We’ve just put him for National Merit Awards two months ago in Abuja. We’re waiting believing God that that will come through and if that comes through, we’re going to go to Guinness Book of Records because he’s really moved mountains. Government should help children like Ozzy Bosco so that they can come up. I know a lot of parents who come to me to assist that they’ve a child talented like Ozzy Bosco and don’t have the finances that is why we are having little children now to dance with him on stage instead of adult dancers. If government has this support system, we won’t have kids that harass people here and there. I normally tell parents, guardians to look inwards, look into your homes, there are so many Ozzy Boscos in your home that need help, and they need to be mentored. I appreciate this boy so much for what he’s doing. I know that a lot of children are going to be blessed through him. He’s taken fourteen selected children for an all expenses paid trip to Tinapa and spent 7 days having fun. Children from three orphanages, only five of them are from Rainbow FM competition having won an Ozzy Bosco charity adventure competition. Ozzy Bosco and his management have a very soft heart towards children in the orphanages,” she says.