Saving your iOS7 battery life

iOS 7 comes with a whole host of new features, and requires a lot more power to run than the old operating system. If you have just updated and have found your battery is starting to drain quicker then you’re used to, you will want to read our tips for improving the battery life.

Decrease the screen brightness

Having the large screen constantly shining with full brightness is going to make a massive impact on how long your battery lasts. To turn the brightness up and down, use the Control Centre by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the handset. If you have turned this feature off, you can always go into Settings > Wallpaper and Brightness.


If your handset supports AirDrop, leaving this on when you’re not using it will add to the strain on your battery. You can turn if off in the Control Centre by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the handset and tapping AirDrop to make sure it is turned off.

Background app refresh

Some applications will want to connect to the internet while they’re running in the background. You can stop them from being able to do this by going into Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Here you can individually select which applications are allowed to use Wi-Fi and Mobile data while running in the background.

Shut down background apps

If you don’t want your apps running in the background at all, you can always close them. The more you have running the more the phone’s battery will be affected, so this is certainly worthwhile checking. Double tap the home button while the phone is unlocked and you will see the quick switch menu. If you hold your finger on any open application and flick towards the top of the phone, this will close that application down.

Location Services

Some applications will automatically track your location using GPS to give you more localised information. This can be a great tool, however it does also affect your battery. You can turn this off by going into Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Tap the green button to the right of Location Services and it will turn off.

Diagnostic and Usage

If during the set up of your iPhone you selected to send automatic Diagnostic and Usage information, this will cause a small but still noticeable impact on your battery life. You can turn this off by going into Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage, and setting the option at the top to Don’t Send.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections running when you don’t need them, you are going to lose a lot more battery life than you think. You can turn this off either in the Settings menu, or by tapping the 2nd and 3rd icons along the top row of the control centre.
If you follow all of these tips at once, you will really increase how long your phone will last using iOS 7, but you will lose out on some of its functionality. Our advice is not to go overboard either way; don’t leave everything on, and don’t turn everything off. Just turn off the features you don’t want until you find a right balance between stamina and function.