Nkem Owoh resumes secondary school!

It is such a pity that Nigerian movie producers have not yet realised that they younger generation should be groomed into the industry.
Even though this movie is a comic, it’s not funny to see Nkem Owoh forcing himself into a school uniform. Some people argue that it is caused by greed but I disagree, with reasons that the producer is just insensitive.
Presently, I have not come in contact with any grown up male Nigerian who is keen to see a Nigerian movie. Nollywood is now the ladies hobby or a house’s delight which goes to show that there are no technicalities attached to the stories, script writing, shots, costumes, make ups, and editing process even the sound tracks.
Till date, after all the terrorist attacks around the nation nollywood has not yet been able to produce a sophisticated action movie. They used to complain there was no money, now what will they say? Maybe they will convince their patroniser that the state of the country is also affecting their creative side whereas their counterparts(hollywood) would have made the most out of these situations.
This is my personal opinion but I think I hear most nigerian screaming the same thing, not including the ladies expecially house wives.
IT IS NOT FUNNY! Let’s compete for the awards people.