Falana Petitions IGP over Alleged Attempt to Murder Prof. Aboyade

Lagos-based lawyer and  human rights activist, Mr. Femi Falana, has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar,  over  alleged attempt to murder his client, Prof. Bimpe Aboyade.
According to the petition, copy of which was made available which reads,  “at about 12:30pm on September 17, 2013 a hired thug named Jaiyeoba armed with dangerous weapons climbed over the wall of the Development Policy Centre building but was immediately accosted by a security man in the premises but later Jaiyeoba managed to escape, ran to the main office of the Centre, damaged the entrance door and attacked the Administrative Assistant while the thug was shouting that he had been sent to kill our client.
“Our client who had run out of the office was pursued by the said Jaiyeoba until he caught up with her across the road and in front of the house of Pastor Olubi Johnson where several policemen had already gathered.
“As the said Jaiyeoba was about putting his knife on our client’s neck, a policeman pulled her away from the grip of the assassin while he was shouting that he be allowed to kill “iya” on the instructions of Mr. Taiwo and Mr. Kolawole Carew.
“When the said Jaiyeoba grabbed our client, his left hand was bleeding from the encounter he had had with the security man and his friend. The policemen who were present at the scene saw that his shirt was soaked with his blood. At that juncture, Mr. Taiwo and Mr. Kolawole Carew who the said Jaiyeoba claimed had sent him suddenly appeared at the scene and started the video recording of the said Jaiyeoba.”
The statement alleged that more than 10 policemen from Agodi Police Station were at the scene but did not arrest or question the said Jaiyeoba and as if that was not enough, the two staff of the Centre who had been allegedly injured by Jaiyeoba were arrested by the police and clamped into detention at the Agodi Police Station.