Abdulsalami Advocates New Approach to National Security. •Says it’s crucial for 2015

The former Military Head of State, General Abdullsalami Abubakar (rtd), has said the persistent upsurge in violent extremism and domestic terrorism have rendered the traditional approach to security obsolete and ineffective.
Based on this, he canvassed for a comprehensive approach to national security management in the country to effectively tackle the emerging security challenges like terrorism, piracy, militancy and insurgency.
Abubakar, who stated this at the National Defence College (NDC) Course 22 inaugural lecture titled; “Comprehensive Approach to National Security Management in Nigeria”, said: “There is urgent need to evolve new ways, procedures, mechanisms and institutions that would be effective in preventing, mitigating and managing the myriad of security challenges confronting the country.”
According to him, “The nature and pattern of outbreak of new and emerging threats in Nigeria’s security can no longer be achieved through reliance on the nation’s current approach to security, nor can it be achieved through a sole reliance on the country’s security agencies alone.”
The former Head of State opined that the current national security threats had shown that the attainment and preservation of security should be the business of all Nigerians, irrespective of status or class differentiation.
He remarked that members of the public were expected to play vital roles in assisting conventional bodies, especially in the area of intelligence gathering on the activities of criminal elements in their neighbourhoods.
Abubakar said the comprehensive approach should be “concerned with restoring security, governance and development through inter-agency, inter-ministerial or even an inter-organisational framework approach. It is a structure that involves the use of political, diplomatic, security, economic and developmental interventions, governed by the rule of law in pursuit of a sustainable security in society.”
He warned that the need for this approach in the management of national security challenges in Nigeria was made even more urgent by the fact that threats to security in Nigeria have evolved over time.
“As the 2015 general election draw nearer, there is need for a comprehensive approach to national security management… lessons must be learnt from the crisis that engulfed some northern states after the presidential elections of 2011,” he added.