HIP TV On a 24Hr Roll

From publishing his first magazine at 25, Executive producer, Publisher and Founder of Hip TV, Hip Hop World Magazine and Smooth Productions,  Ayo Animashaun,  who is a journalist and administrator has announced  Hip TV’s 24-hour DSTV channel which begins broadcast  on Friday October 18.
The news and lifestyle channel, which is already widely anticipated by millions across the world, will be ushered in by a fabulous live event to hold at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Animashaun assures that “The channel will do Nigeria proud, and make us all proud to be Nigerians.”
The channel will offer rich content on news, events, documentaries, rotations, red carpet events, features, interviews and many more. Other confirmed shows include Music Everywhere as well as Streetz and Exclusive Interview. 
HIP TV is the broadcast arm of Smooth Promotions, Nigeria’s leading media, awards and ideas company, with other properties including Hip Hop World Magazine, The Headies, Street Hop and Veterans’ Nite in its bouquet.
HIP TV was launched in 2007. Six years on, it is widely regarded as the number one music programme from Nigeria, and has been syndicated across several terrestrial platforms in Nigeria. The company also has two robust websites
http://www.hiphopworldmagazine.com and http://www.hiptv.tv, which have also helped to firmly establish the Hip Hop World brand in today’s entertainment world.
HIP TV will broadcast on Channel 324 on DSTV and on GOTV to millions of viewers in over 40 African countries.
Created in 1995, Hip Hop World Magazine has been Nigeria’s number one magazine for contemporary music for close to two decades. In 2006, he established the Hip Hop World Awards (now known as The Headies) to reward artistes, music video directors and producers as well as celebrate the architects and legends of the Nigerian music industry.
Though a bit nervous at first, in a couple of minutes, she picked up the skills and followed the hand instructions by her tutors Inspector Morayo and  Corporal Abiola Khadijah, waving and signalling to motorists like a professional.
Garbed in a traffic warden outfit with a pair of stylish sun shade to add a notch of elegance, she was undeterred by the sweltering heat. Miss Nigeria caused quite a stir in traffic as motorists waved at her and paid her compliments for her efforts, spending almost an hour in traffic.
“This is just a community service I chose to do. I chose traffic because traffic is a major problem in Lagos so I just came to assist the traffic wardens in curbing this problem,” she told journalists.
But this is not all that the law graduate  hopes to achieve during her tenure, a fund-raising project that will address the issue of sexual violence against women is also in the pipeline.