House Committee: Nigerians Lodge 2,400 Petitions against MDAs

The House of Representatives has received about 2,400 petitions lodged against the impunity and injustice perpetrated by  Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the past two  years.
Some of  the agencies against whom the petitions were lodged include  the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC), the Nigeria Police, Nigeria Navy, Nigeria  Immigration Service (NIS) and the Nigeria Security and  Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).
The Chairman, House Committee on Public Petitions, Hon. Uzor Azubike, who disclosed this at a media chat,  said most  of the petitions dwelt on allegations of unlawful dismissal from the public service, manipulation of contract awards and other acts of  impunity.
Azubuike said so far, 400 petitions had been treated, while  2,000 were still  pending.
“There are several petitions against some actions of ministers in office. In Nigeria, there is a high level of favouritism resulting in breach of due process in government actions, especially in the award of contracts.
“We have cases where after advertising for bids and after interested parties make their submissions and go through the various stages of the prequalification process.
“But by the time the tender is to be opened, a company that never applied may be introduced into the picture, sometimes with instructions to have the contract awarded to them. That was the case between Chevron and some contractors where NAPIMS, on the instruction of the NNPC, just introduced two companies and said ‘carve out these jobs and give to these companies that never participated in the process of the bid.’
“There is this other petition that is still ongoing on the lottery platform where the complainants are saying: ‘we were the only people that bid for this job and suddenly everything was put in place to award it to a different company,” Azubuike said.
The Public Petitions Committee, he said, had helped in curbing  corrupt practices and other forms of impunity in the country’s bureaucracy.
“We also have cases of misappropriation of public funds and if any officer within the system dares raise an eyebrow, he could be sacked. We have seen such things happening.
“In the process, the parties engage themselves and we also engage the parties to ascertain the truth because many petitions are based on frivolities, malice, envy and falsehood but many more are as a result of impunity within the system,” he said.
Azubuike said  the  Public Petitions Committee  had helped in curbing  corrupt practices and other forms of impunity in the country’s bureaucracy.
Under Order 121 of the House Rules, the House Committee on Public Petitions  is saddled with the responsibility of considering  all petitions laid before the House. It investigates the petitions  and make recommendations on  the proper action to take in resolving the issues.

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