Domenico Vacca’s Unique Style

What do Tommy Hilfiger, Denzel Washington, Valentino, Daniel Day Lewis, Ivana Trump, Queen Latifah, Ariana Huffington, Forest Whitaker, the King of Saudi Arabia and the President of the UN have in common?
They all wear clothes designed by … Domenico Vacca.
Domenico shares his story of business leadership on a recent interview he gave to Fox News Radio and can be heard here.
Domenico started his career as a lawyer in New York City and specialized in legal matters for the fashion industry. He soon got seduced by the American dream and left the law firm to set up a publishing magazine. From there he took the giant step of taking on the merciless world of luxury fashion and set up the high-end brand known to the privileged few as Domenico Vacca.
Domenico is unique in that his fashion house is not part of a large conglomerate. This in today’s world of cut-throat fashion can be a limiting factor as it can constrain marketing of the brand.
Despite this limitation, Domenico has gone on to expand his boutiques to Milan, London, New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Mayakoba, with further expansion still in the works.