Boko Haram activities have brought Islam to disrepute – Oyakhire

Former Military Administrator of Taraba and Oyo States, Dr Amen Oyakhire has lamented the undue castigation of Islam and Muslims as a result of the un-Islamic activities of Boko Haram in the country.
Oyakhire who is also a detective of Scotland Yard Fame, made this known while addressing Muslims on fasting and other acts of worship in Benin recently.
He said: Boko Haramists have continuously come under fire for a catalogue of serious failings. The un-Islamic activities of the Sect have brought the impeccable reputation of Islam into tartars. Islamic Tradition has since the emergence of Boko-Haram insurgency been seriously vilified and believers castigated. Many citizens have been killed by Boko-Haramist terrorists everywhere including places of worship in Nigeria.

BOKO HARAM VICTIMS—A relation of one of the officers and soldiers killed in Borno, Yobe states and Unamid weeping during their burial at the National Military Cemetery in Abuja. Photo: Abayomi Adeshida.
According to him, Boko Haramists are ignorant of Islam. Islam regards life as sacred. They are violent deviants who have hitherto jettisoned or ignored participation in any dialogue with Government. They would eventually do so because they have no reasonable choice. The rational application of integrity and intellect produces peace for mankind. Peace is not just the absence of social tension but the presence of justice which Islam symbolises. There is no peace for the wicked. Woe to every sinful liar. Peace is fundamentally required for growth and development.h
The Islamic scholar advised Muslims never to relent in the pursuit of knowledge as it remains a catalyst that restores human dignity.
True Muslims are commanded to continuously seek knowledge through education, formal and informal, because it is the foundation of wisdom, light and power being a catalyst that restores human dignity. Education is life. It is a great resource for empowerment. It produces knowledge for public good. The Holy Quran  emphasises knowledge  in several verses coupled with the Prophets proclamation that a scholars ink is more precious than a Martyrs bloodh. It is desirable for people to learn from one another in the same way iron sharpens iron.
True Muslims understand clearly from knowledge and experience and greatly appreciate the inimitable fact that this World is basically held by four invisible pillars, notably, the unusual wisdom of the Learned, the impeccable justice of the Great, the immutable prayers of the Righteous and the impregnable valour of the Braveh.
He also urged Muslims to be conscious of their health by eating good and balanced diet in order to be mentally and physically healthy to participate effectively all acts of ibadah enjoined by Allah.
We live in Nigeria, a Country in West Africa, with a growing population of over one hundred and sixty million people who are often prone to diseases, trepidation, hunger and poverty because of under development caused by bad and insincere leaders. Muslims should eat a variety of healthy meals from the five different food groups, rich in nutrients and balanced diets to be mentally and physically healthy to participate effectively in fasting and other acts of worships.
Balanced diets help to lower blood pressure such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. They prevent and reduce the occurrence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart related problems. Prevalent among the many diseases that often kill Nigerians are cancer, diabetes, hypertension, malaria, typhoid and aids because education and health are not treated as issues of priority by Government.h
Almighty Allah appreciates the value of good health for mankind and pronounced cure for diseases for His Prophets in six Chapters in the Holy Quran, notably, Q11-7, 914, 1057, 1782, 2680 and 4144 respectively. Muslims must be very careful with health matters because only the healthy and living can diligently and faithfully worship Allah. The dead does not praise Allah. Reasonably socialise and be merry,  Oyakhire said.