Gospel Comedy’s Hottest Property ‘K.O Baba’.

While he calls himself K.O Baba, some choose to call him K.Omedy Baba.
Longtime ago the Clergy used to entertain fears handing their podium to a comedian to make a church audience physically lively. But since the rise of the CEO of EventXtraordinary, founder of Good & Groovy Gospel Club and Lead talker of the Talkaholic Crew ‘K.O Baba’, the church audience have had a good reason to laugh in the presence of God.
This could be news in any part of the world, but definitely no news in Nigeria especially Port Harcourt as the Comedian ‘K.O Baba’ has proved himself beyond doubt.
Begining as a motivational speaker, he professionally moved to become a Master of Ceremony which he still does till date but has come to settle with comedy.
From a humble begining with his first paid job of N3,000, this comedian/MC has been able to maintain a management structure that earns him six figure jobs.
Countless couples have him to thank for a splendid wedding reception, not leaving out companies and churches where he has successfully blended jokes into a Holy Spirit filled atmosphere.
Since his late father was a Pastor and his three elder brothers are Pastors, little wonder why he is the choice of the Pastors. It’s simply impossible to talk about comedy in church without mentioning the name ‘K.O Baba’. You doubt? watch!.
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