Meet the Worshipper ‘THATLAD’

Thatlad (pronounced dat-lad) is a fast rising gospel musician from the South-South region of Nigeria. He is a strong believer in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He is practically not new to the music industry as he has organised a worship program in the city of Port Harcourt for a decade now that has hosted Nigeria’s gospel music greats like samsong, Nathaniel Bassey, Eben, Iyke Onka, Frank Edwards, Freke, Afy Douglas and others.
Having spent this short while organizing outreaches which has blessed and changed the lives of many young people in the region he believes it is time to sing aloud God’s praise and worship Him in this heart-felt rendition, crying out to the throne of grace saying “Lord, you have done well today “imela nubochita”.
Thatlad believes strongly in worship and this propelled him to write songs that expressed his genuine love for God which was rightly captured in the lyrics of this great song “Imela Nubochita”.
An Igbo song which acknowledges the good of God and extols Him for being behind all the blessings of today.

He just released a new single which is trending rightaway.

You are Holy and worthy God,
To receive all praise,
You gave me life Lord,
My everyday is yours,
You’re the reason I live,
Is there a sound you didn’t give,
Any melody that isn’t yours,
I’m so grateful for your sound in me,
I thank you Lord, for loving me,
And teaching me your ways..

We bless you Lord you are holy,
Forever you are God.

We bless you Lord you are holy,
Forever you are God.

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