Autombile production possible without banning of ‘Tokunbo vehicles’.

The consideration by Federal Government of Nigeria to slam a ban on importation of fairly used cars into the country or increase import duty payable on them has continued to attract reaction of stakeholders. The latest reaction is coming from Anambra Maritime Practitioners Association (AMPA), a group whose members operators in freight and shipping.
The group stated that proposal to ban or hike import duty on fairly used, otherwise called Tokunbo cars would have been good for the country if government had planned better. “We view the proposal as placing the cart before the horse, which definitely will result in a still borne for such a policy. This is because there are no local alternatives,” said AMPA in a   statement issued in Lagos recently.
The association stressed that the plan is ill times because of low purchasing power of the citizenry to acquire brand new imported cars; bad and poor road network, as well as lack of conducive and efficient mass transit system to encourage citizens to leave their cars and use public transport systems; poor multimodal and inter-modality with rails, inland waters, etcetera for seamless and easy transportation of products and people to reduce emphasis on road transportation and use of private cars; inadequacy in power (electricity) and other essentials amenities to encourage local manufacturers, foreign investments and reduction in the huge capital flight associated with importation of finished products; low commitment by government to create a functional private sector driven auto industry that will be seen to meet government’s target to produce vehicles that will be affordable to the average Nigerian.
AMPA is of the view that the policy that we should be talking about now is one that will take cognisance of the inherent problems in the system and design a roadmap that will dovetail into making Nigeria competent as automobile products manufacturer. Government, the body warned, should not be in a haste about the sensitive decision as it averred that ban or hiking of import duty on used cars without recourse to good roadmap will lead to shock and instability in port/Customs operations, as well as industrial rift that will create room for corruption and loss of revenue to the federal government.
of the Nigerian police who ride along them on any trip they make, consequently any condemnation on this proactive gesture lacks  merit.
“We also condemn the call for the sack of the minister, stating that the claim that she will influence the work of the panel headed by Alhaji Isa Sail Bello is unfounded and illogical. “The minister from our cursory investigation from the staff of the ministry is consider by many as a very pragmatic and prudent person when it comes to spending and wondered what happened and most suspect a foul play by some individuals who want to rubbish the achievement of the minister,” the statement said.

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