Deliberations still on Oduah’s probe

It was a typical week in the  Green  Chamber. You can trust the lawmakers in the House of Representatives when it comes to controversial issues, particularly allegations of corruption
As at Tuesday when they resumed from the Salah holidays, the  media was already inundated with reports of the purchase of the  $1.6m (N255m) bullet proof cars. It was therefore not surprising when the House resumed plenary on a probing note.
As a prelude, a motion  alleging that the Federal Ministry of Aviation had barred  Qatar Airways from landing and  operating at the Aminu Kano International Airport was launched. The motion sought an investigation and it was promptly granted.
Then came the main dish- the minister’s bullet proof cars. It was obviously what everyone had been  waiting for and the atmosphere became charged as soon as it came.  It also came with a  demand  for an investigation which was granted speedily.
In the usual manner, nearly  all the information available on these issues  were gathered from newspaper  publications and the social media. But the sponsors of the motions made such  good deliveries of the  allegations against the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah that Pontius Pilate would have  readily washed  his hands and handed her  over  to be nailed on the cross.
In this hallowed  court of the people, there is often  a very thin line between allegations and truth; accusers and  the jury.
The whole drama came to an anti-climax  on Thursday when the investigation commenced without Oduah, the prime target of the inquiry.
The lawmakers  did a good job by attacking the issues to establish the facts of the case, but  they should have avoided the unnecessary  display of hostilities towards officials of the Federal Ministry of Aviation.
Asking the ministry’s delegation to leave was rather unparliamentary and left the public with the impression that some panelists had made up their mind on who was to be crucified.
One can only  imagine what the fireworks  could have looked like  if Oduah had been present to carry her cross.
Truly, some of the  revelations were not  palatable  and smacked of impunity in high places. They appear to be the handiwork of some  stewards of the bureaucracy. They  have ruined many sterling careers of well meaning but naïve politicians.  
In  spite of the hue and cry about the  purchase of two BMW bullet proof  cars, it  does appear  that the Minister of Aviation  may not be directly culpable for the car deal.
Why do I think so? In all the documentary and oral evidences  so far tendered,  there has not been any  memo from her  requesting for the controversial  vehicles.
None of  the memos on the transaction  originated  from her desk at  the Federal  Ministry of Aviation. The whole deal was arguably  the brainchild of bureaucrats at the NCAA and Oduah may have been misled into granting approvals for what might have been presented to her as  necessary  operational tools for a strategic agency in the aviation industry.

Posted by SirVic for wetopup(News Laboratry)