Gaga’s outfit seems to be inspired by SA movie

Berlin – We’ve gotten so used to seeing Lady Gaga in weird outfits that we hardly pay her any attention these days.
But when we saw these pics of the US singer leaving the Ritz Carlton hotel on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin on Friday we couldn’t help but look twice.
Fans waited for the American singer and fashion icon as she left the German capital after a gig the night before.
Although Gaga is a trendsetter it seems like South Africa was her one ahead many years ago. We knew we had seen Gaga’s outfit before and a quick ⁠YouTube⁠ search served up the answer we were looking for.
Gaga’s outfit closely resembles that of dirty Nina (played by Annie Malan) in the South African film adaptation of the well-known book by Dalene Matthee, Fiela se kind.

Don’t you agree? Then watch the dirty Nina video

Posted by SirVic for wetopup(News Laboratry)