Jennifer Hudsson pushes bacl wedding date.

Los Angeles – Jennifer Hudson keeps pushing her wedding date back.
The Black Nativity star – who has four-year-old son David with fiance David Otunga – has a date in mind for the big day and despite it continually “rolling around” each year she’s not planning on “rushing into anything”. 
Jennifer told Essence magazine: “Yes, there was a date set, and that date has come around again every year. In fact, the date may keep rolling around … When I’m ready to be married, I will be married. It’s that simple. Everyone should just chill. Our relationship is very strong. We’re both huge family people, and I’m only going to get married once. So I’m not rushing into anything.”
Jennifer had to leave her family behind in 2011 when she travelled to South Africa to film Winnie Mandela – a biopic about the late Nelson Mandela’s wife – and although she found the separation difficult she was fully committed to telling the story of the controversial political figure.
She explained: “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, you want me to leave my baby and my man?’ But so much was done to suppress Winnie’s voice, to keep her quiet. Winnie’s story needed to be told.”
Jennifer was among numerous celebrities who paid tribute to Nelson following his death on Thursday.
She said: “The Mandela family is in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Mr. Mandela fought for freedoms and equality that changed the face of South Africa and the world. We can all learn from his extraordinary journey.”